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Colours are part of our awareness of life, our memories, and our sense of style. A team of trend researchers, art historians, interior designers, and colourists established by Caparol dedicated itself to the topic of space and time, zeitgeist and the culture of space. The results of this research are 120 modern, elegant colour icons that are inspired by the colour culture of the last six decades.

120 Colour Icons

Colour Collection

The unique colour collection consisting of 120 colour icons was created with great passion and experience. Each nuance is a tribute to the time with its very own inspiration and history.
The balanced collection of powdery-elegant, modern-brilliant, and classic-noble shades features colours for sophisticated individual interior design.

Colour Brilliance and Depth

CAPAROL ICONS products contain pure, exquisite pigments in concentrations up to twice as high as in conventional paints. This ensures elegant walls and ceilings with unparalleled colour depth and brilliance.

Colours like Velvet and Silk

The newly developed formula of CAPAROL ICONS is ideal for smooth walls on which it develops a uniquely even, untextured surface with a velvety feel.
The 120 elegant colours of the interior paints and interior varnishes are each available in two gloss levels: Matt Finish and Silk Finish.

Environment and Health

CAPAROL ICONS is sustainably produced in Germany according to strict quality and environmental guidelines in an environmentally and health-friendly manner.
CAPAROL ICONS paints are solvent-free, suitable for children's toys, water-based, and odourless.


120 Elegant Colour Icons

With unparalleled colour depth and brilliance thanks to up to 100 % more pure pigment content

Luxurious Modern Interior Paints & Varnishes

Precisely colour-coordinated with each other

New Innovative Formula

Water-based, solvent-free, plasticizer-free, odourless, suitable for children's toys

Smooth Matt Surfaces

Unique velvety surface feel

Made in Germany

Highest manufacturing quality sustainably produced in Ober-Ramstadt near Frankfurt

120 Colour Icons and their Colour Culture